Origin of Digital Marketing:

          A sharp increase in magnitude or concentration helps us to reach our hike. Digital marketing plays its significant role in these days and most of the people daily routine is the usage of internet. Marketing expanded its field digitally via internet to reach its product and services to the valuable customers.

The main Objective of the marketing companies to keep their fullest presence to serve the customer needs. In digital marketing, customer expectation is completely satisfied by the marketing agencies.

Importance of Digital marketing:

  • Provides equal opportunity to al business
  • Cost effectiveness than traditional marketing
  • Helps to get more profit
  • Excellent interaction with target audience
  • Builds brand
  • Benefits of Digital marketing:
  • Digital marketing reaches its local and global customers easily. The cost effectiveness is very low compared to traditional marketing.it has a complete control on reaching target customers. The data can be easily collected from the customers and analyzed easily. The interested customers can be retargeted easily.
  • The Marketing agencies not only focusing on their product and services to be sold out but also on their consistent growth by providing customer value services. The factors influencing the markets to reach a good hike should have the complete overview of the following. The development of Digital Marketing offers much importance for brands. In the online world, loyalty and support for the brand can lead to change prescribers into consumer.

        Factors influencing Digital Marketing:

  • Full time online presence of Marketing companies (Presence)
  • Predicting their valuable customers. (Prediction)
  • Understanding people expectation. (people)
  • Satisfying their needs. (Process)
  • Holding their existing customers. (Physical evidence)

These factors mainly influence to increase Profit. Once the customer is satisfied with al these factors, the agency will reach their spike and hike in profit.

Apart from the above, the goal of the marketing must cover three different things

  • Visibility
  • Sales
  • Loyalty

Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviors:

  • Psychological factors
  • Learning
  • Attitude and beliefs
  • Social factors
  • Family
  • Reference groups
  • Roles and status

Different Marketing Strategies:

Today most purchase began online. If we imagine our last purchase of shopping online, we read out the reviews and check the quality of purchase before involving in the process. marketing agencies are mainly focusing on their customers to resolve them in to different categories. They are providing their services under the following according to their category needs. The following types of marketing is established for their audience.

  • Content marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing

Content Marketing:

          It is a form of marketing that involves creating content for different social media platforms to increase website traffic, user engagement, brand awareness and to achieve other media goals. This involves content like

  • User generated content
  • Content with images

E-Mail Marketing:

          It is a segment of internet marketing. It is used to bias the customers by posting their product and services to their customers in a presentable way. E-mail marketing uses personalized emails to convert perspective users into customers.

Affiliate Marketing:

          It is a process of earning commission by promoting other people’s product. Affiliate networks helps to regulate the relationship between merchants, the real product sellers and affiliates.

The benefits of affiliate marketing are

  • Low cost of start up
  • Do not have to be an expertise
  • Work your own hours
  • Performance – based rewards
  • You can be your own boss

Integrated marketing:

It ensures a form of communications and information’s are carefully linked together. integrated digital marketing combines all the marketing channels to remember the audience about their brand and creating good impact over it. It aligns all the customer channels. All types of marketing communication work together for increasing scales and achieving maximum cost effectiveness.

It includes  

  • Personal selling
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Publicity
  • Direct marketing

Pros and cons of Traditional vs Digital marketing:

          In earlier days, traditional marketing involves in identifying their customers through announcement, newspapers, pamphlets and flyouts. They sell their product in their own local areas. They cannot find their customers out of their cities or international ones. The downside of traditional marketing enlarged its field to its national and international audience to reach its range. The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through which an audience encounters and marketing message. Digital marketing uses your daily use of internet to reach you.


          CATT funnel is a qualified traffic at the top and grow them with content marketing and other forms of framework. CATT is a structured framework for promoting products and services.

Content: It creates awareness among the people. Blogs helps to serve the customers and addresses the point.

Attention: Get the people to engage in your content constantly. They have to keep returning for the quality service.

Trust: The good affinity should be created to prefer over others.

Transaction: Once trust is created, you can now ask them to buy a product. This generates series





In this we discussed some of the most widely used and most effective digital marketing strategies. Even though, these have separate marketing strategies, they all can work together to achieve your goals and grow in business. Without goals, strategies will not work.  These can be adopted to any brands to reach its spike in online presence.  The strong visibility of the brands make audience to develop knowledge about that brand. Marketing automation is huge and it get better with new technologies and software. Marketing has its benefits and downfall. But understanding your specific market needs budget and understanding target audience is very essential. Engaging with your customers is invaluable for your business and this makes to reach your spike.

          Digital marketing has already reached its spike to get hike. The marketing that gives you good spike requires excellent Product, Price, Place, People, Process and Physical evidence. The best way is to learn something to keep positioning it. Digital Marketing aims at

  • Exact people you are targeting
  • Find it for free
  • Buy them
  • Compile them
  • Build them.

Keep learning digital marketing and implement the gained output to get the reachable Hike.


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