What is Solar energy?
Solar energy is suns natural and infinite Power which is more abundant in nature. It is a consistent energy source we can obtain from sun. without any intervention we are getting it. It Plays significant role in renewable energy sources. Only few hours of solar energy produce electrical energy that we require for one year of our need. In India, most of the states getting solar power for all the days of the year. We can utilize the sunlight to the maximum.
Photo Voltaic Technology:
Photo voltaic Technology converts the sunlight in to electricity. Photo-Light; Voltage Leads to current. This technology-oriented Industries are growing faster to attain higher efficiency In order to capture sunlight to the fullest.

How solar Energy Leads:
Solar Energy is clean form of natural Resource and will definitely leads the future. The electricity needs of our future generation will be contributed by solar power. Thin film Technology also add additional values to improve the conversion efficiency of Solar power in to other forms of energy.