Green Energy is the Energy that can be generated from Natural resources.  Solar Energy is a Clean Green Energy. Modernizing your homes with latest trending natural energy is very significant like designing interior works.

How Solar Energy Supports You?

Solar Energy can be efficiently utilized for the homes by means of PV technology. By installing small PV modules in homes can employ greatest sunlight. Fixing solar utility products like lawn lamps, water heater can achieve efficient solar power service. Affordable of solar power conversion modules are very less because of their long durability and high-power output. Solar modules usually have life span of 25-30 years. After achieving long life time also, immediately solar modules will not be thrown easily. The conversion efficiency alone will get reduced.

Factors Influencing PV modules

  • Material Selection for making PV
  • Conversion Efficiency & Access
  • Cost
  • Illumination of sunlight
  • Dust- free Environment

Material Selection for making PV:

Chemical Substances which are required for making PV modules determines the complete setup efficiency, cost and the durability. First Generation solar panels made up of silicon is the conventional solar modules in the market. It is considered to be very expensive. But we cannot easily match the electricity generation with any of the other modules.

Conversion Efficiency module models:

The efficient modules of silicon do the greater job of converting sunlight fully to produce electricity.

The modules should be fixed over open terrace in an angle focusing the sunlight to broaden the dissemination of sunlight all over the surface. The access point of the modules should be perfectly laid out to absorb the entire sunlight.


Solar panel installation for homes gives long durability and high cost. The average 1kw solar panels starts from 36,000 Rs. To 2,00,000 Rs. Low-cost solar panels are also available in the market but have lower efficiency. Solar panels are available according to the need of our homes. Monocrystalline solar panels, Poly crystalline solar panels, Portable solar panels, Roof top Solar panels and flexible solar panels are also available in the market.


Sunlight is illuminated on the solar modules. In PV modules, P-region and n-region of the semiconductor is placed. More number of electron-hole pairs are generated after the illumination of sunlight which leads to the generation of current. This current can be stored in the battery for the further use of electrical devices.

Dust- free Environment:

The potential of solar modules is enhanced by dust free environment. Unpolluted environment helps in reducing our electricity bills.

Tamil Nādu has the 5th highest operating solar power capacity in India in 2018. Modernizing our homes not only involves decorating and building architect but also with green and clean energy utilization. More researches are in progress to hike the efficiency level and to lower the cost. Additionally, residential solar panel installation involves creating sustainable energy and reducing the demand for electricity. In future, more solar panels of different generation contributes as better alternative for electricity generation to modernize the homes.